Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tempest's Fury

Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler

The penultimate Tempest novel is out and flying off the shelves. Nicole had a limerick contest for her fans and somehow, my lame ones won me a copy WEEKS before anyone else could get it. I actually received it right after our return from BEA and was, of course, the first book I read. Not any of the 100+ books I had just chosen in NYC, nope Nicole and Jane came first.

We follow our little heroine across the pond to the UK where she's following her calling. Granted, she would rather that Blondie stopped reminding her of the job she was there to do and let her be a tourist. She does however get to imbibe pretentious cheese, spend time with Anyan, and see sights she wouldn't have seen if she hadn't left home. Still, trying to be the savior and the spokesperson for the supes is not her idea of a good time.

With Jane and her band of merry gentlemen we find out about the Red and the White. We meet a grand barrage of "good" guys and "bad" and see how easily that line is blurred. We visit an amazing library, Notre Dame, the chunnel, and some verrrrrry shady parts of London & Paris that I now want to go find. There MAY be a huge payoff for avid readers of the series that I will not spoil for any of you. 

Nicole, as usual, adds a trip away for her readers too. She also lets a bit more of her Geek Girl out. See if you can find the Dr. Who reference and NOT laugh out loud. I dare you. Possibly my favorite of the series so far, I say go get it at your local bookstore. Get yourself a glass (or two) of wine, some cheese, and read  about Jane's newest troubles and adventures for yourself. 

Of course we probably have to wait an entire year to get our hands on book 6 so you may want to read slowly.

In other news, Nicole is working with friends of ours to help make their dreams of owning a bookstore a reality. Go see how you can help and benefit from the girls and their friendship with Nicole!