Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey gang, we're back! Sorry for the delay in posts, but life has had some changes for us. First, Kat has left the bookstore she was working for. For the first time in 11 years, I'm not recommending titles and authors to new readers. Well, I will be as a book giver for World Book Night. It means I don't get the early scoop on big books news, but I get more time to read and help my friends over at Ceilidh Books & Cafe (@The_Ceilidh on twitter). The girls are giving away TONS of titles to make room for Book Expo America. Head over to their blog to learn how you can win multiple titles every week!

Since I'm just now finishing up three titles (because who can really only read one at a time?), we'll be getting reviews up more often. Or at least I will. As long as my other half isn't doing his homework or distracting me with Doctor Who. We'll try to update you on how the Ceilidh girls are making out with their independent bookstore venture and how you can be a part as well. As a plug: is you ONLY source on the internet for signed and personalized books by Maria Snyder. You know WE love her, we hope YOU love her too, and now you can get her books signed without having to find a store hosting her. Check out the Shop link and see what's in store.