Friday, August 21, 2009

Muder in the Raw by C.S. Challinor

One for the Mystery reader.

Rex Graves, Scottish barrister, is summoned to St. Martin to help solve the odd disappearance of French actress Sabine Durand. What his "friends" forgot to mention is that she disappeared from an exclusive nudist resort. He has many suspects: her rich older husband, her young studly possible boyfriend, the influential (thuggish) developer with the shady past and a penchant for jewels. All with interesting alibis, almost all of them naked as the day they were born....except at dinner where they all wear wraps on their bottom half.

Not usually a mystery reader myself, this one sucked me in. Not like Poirot or Miss Marple, but such icons took some time to take their hold on readers. Hopefully this will not be the last Rex Graves novel penned.

Check out Rex's other adventures in Christmas is Murder. You might also like the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

Initiation by Susan Fine

Starting on graduation day for Mauricio Londono (how do I put in a tilde?) from St. Stephen's Initiation tells the tale of his first year at New York's most prestigious private school. Freshman year can be tough for most, but transferring from PS 245 to the halls of grandeur with the young men of NYC's elite family is definitely a challenge. His biggest goal is just to blend in. Instead, he joins the wrestling team, develops a crush on a classmates hot sister, and seems to be the cross hairs of the class's biggest trouble maker.

I will admit I found it a little dry. If I were a guy or a private school kid, it might do more for me. All in all, a good story, well written, fun cast of characters. Even though I didn't go anywhere elite, I could put names and faces of my graduating class to each of these boys.

Flux released this fascinating novel May 1, 2009. A definite read for anyone who just wanted to blend.

Witch & Wizard by James Patterson

I know!!! Another awesome y-a series by James Patterson! With the Maximum Ride series and now the 2nd Daniel X book out, this time Patterson with Gabrielle Charbonnet head way out into the science fiction arena.

The Allgood's are in trouble. The whole world has gone off the deep end after the latest elections. The New Order has taken charge and has taken away everything fun. Not to mention anyone or anything fantastical. Whisty and her older brother Whit have been accused of being a witch and a wizard respectively.

Could it all be true?
Why didn't their parents ever say anything?
Who is The One Who Is The One?

Come December 2009, you can these and many other questions.

What to read until Christmas? Try some other Patterson novels like: MAX, Final Warning, Daniel X:Watch the Skies.

Recipe for Disaster by Maureen Fergus

Francie Freewater, part-time baker full-time 14-yr old, has a few dreams:

1. Become famous TV chef ala smooth-talking celebrity baker Lorenzo LaRue.
Her clientele love her creations. She's even entered contests with her recipes to meet him.

2. To have her good-looking, not so smart chemistry partner notice her.
This becomes more of a challenge than ever when the new girl shows up. Darlene Donovan is pretty, everybody (including Francie's best friend Holly) seems to love her, and the hottie chem partner has noticed her.

All of Francie's dreams seem to be in danger. Can she get it all in line before it all disappears forever? Full of teen-aged angst and deliscious sounding dishes, this book made me laugh and yes cry.

Will be released in September 2009 from Kids Can Press.

Can't wait? Check out Artemis Fowl, Elsewhere, or for something completely different (but awesome) The Book Thief.

EVIL? by Timothy Carter

A teenage boy's body is his own and he can do with it what he wants, right? Well, not so much in the Northern Ontario town of Ice Lake. Stuart finds that outside influences are creating havoc in his little town. So much so that the openly gay Stuart and his many friends can't even be alone with their thoughts. Fallen angels, demons, priests, a slightly warped sense of public right all come together to make quite a funny read.

Here's what my 13-yr old nephew had to say after reading it:
This book is called EVIL. It is about a boy named Stuart and he is openly gay. His brother James caught him doing the Sin of Onan. Now a fallen angel has come to rid the town from anyone whoever had an "impure" thought. With the help of his demon friend Fon Pyre he will attempt to destroy the fallen angel. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes fiction and is 13 or above.

My take? It's a pretty funny read that anyone would love. Definitely meant for the teen scene, but most adults who suffered through health class and Sunday school will find it a great read too.

Coming August 2009 from Flux

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog

A surprising ending to an entertaining book. While reading this book, the ending that was in-store was not what had been expected.

For Morgan and Cam life has been great. Born on the same day and living next door these two had become close over the years. The perfect high school couple, until about one week before their 16th birthday. Cam's cousin, Pip, comes to stay and changes their world up-side down. Morgan begins to watch her boyfriend slip away from her and tries to figure out a way to keep the love of her life.

This engaging story was released on June 23, 2009 by Delacorte.

One for the Romance Readers

So Into You
by Sandra Hill

The latest in group of fun romances set in Louisiana. The eccentric matriarch of the local family has made it her job with that of Saint Jude to help the singles in her family find true love. Grace and Angel are her latest project. A nun, world champion poker player, treasure hunter and now a folk healer; Grace has never really let her past go. But no one in Louisiana knows what that past is until it catches up with her.

The bad boy Angel has been there and done that, but now he's ready for someone to go on those adventures with him. After being turned down he leaves not only Louisiana but the U. S. as well. However, he continues to be drawn back to the one that got away.

This book is the fun, light-hearted read with a southern twang; that shows us that you can't let your past control your life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Swim the Fly" by Don Calame

So here it is, the first of many "go, run, find this book" reviews. We like many genres of books and will try to remember to tell you where they should be classified in your local bookstore or library. Without any further ado, let me introduce you to:

Swim the Fly
by Don Calame
Put out by Candlewick Press on April 19, 2009, this young adult novel is sure to be a hit with any young, or not so young, men in your life. Screenwriter Don Calame ("Employee of the Month", "Hounded") takes us back to an event very loosely based on an event in his own life:
Matt, Coop, and Sean have been friends forever. Every summer, they join the swim team and create a challenge to compete by summer's end; sometimes unrealistic and sometimes down right disgusting. This summer is no different. At 15, Coop decides their challenge is to see a real-live naked girl!
As they take on their challenge (and the crazy antics that go with it), Matt decides to impress the new girl on the team, Kelly, by agreeing to swim the 100-yard butterfly. What was this "broomstick in a speedo" thinking? (I myself couldn't help but think that nobody is worth swimming 100-yd fly. Having done it without any motivation from the other sex, I can assure you that it hurts, but it's doable) He finds himself challenged in more than one way during his discovery that one should in fact be careful what they wish for.
Do the boys get to see a naked girl? Does Matt get the girl of his dreams? Does he drown during the epic race? Well, you will have to get to your local bookstore or library and find this fantastic read. The 352 pages fly by making this reader more than a little sad that the "quasi sequel" won't be out until fall of 2010.
Want more about this book? Check out Calame's website :
If you like this book, you might want to check out:
  • Holes by Louis Sachar
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

And remember: Reading is FUNdamental!

(Is that copyrighted somewhere?)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coming Soon....

Soon you will find book reviews of recently released books and books that are coming out.

Just wait the inside scoop is coming.