Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We're not quite family

Oh my goodness!!!! Just finished a fantastic new read! So many exclamation points are needed to express my delight after reading "Timeless" byfirst time author Alexandra Monir! I know what you're thinking & you're wrong. Ash handed me the book & I started half-heartedly reading it @ 6pm friday, read it seriously by 10, & was dreaming about what would come next.

Like all good Disney films, "Timeless" starts with our leading lady becoming an orphan. (go ahead, prove me wrong. No princess has both parents."Sleeping Beauty" doesn't count since she was hidden away from both of them) Instead of getting to go live with one of her best friends, however, Michele Windsor is sent to live with her grandparents in NYC. The very people her mother ran away from when they disapproved of her choice of husband.....a man Michele never knew. What she finds there is not just the opposite of everything she had ever known, but an intensly lonely feeling. And a mystery.

While exploring her rooms, Michele comes across a locked drawer. Odd in and of itself, but downri th t wierd when the mysterious key in her mother's belongings reacts to it. Unlocking the drawer finds Michele & the reader transported into history. History of the city, history of the Windsor family, history of romances......and is that Michele's father we just ran into? Michele seems to only be visible to whichever Windsor girl occupies her rooms with each trip. Her new found family pride & intrigue keeps the pages flying by.

Did Michele's dad break the time travel code? Does Michele's trips cause a feud with the Walker family next door....a hundred or so years ago? What do all the Windsot women that lived in those rooms share that makes this fantastical journey possible? Most importantly, when do we get a second book?!?!

Go, run, get "Timeless" & go on an adventure unlike any other!

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