Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Another Faust" by Daniel & Dina Nayeri

Hey gang, finished Another Faust over the weekend.  this is an amazing read.  Written by brother and sister Daniel & Dina Nayeri, I will admit I had some trouble getting into it.  After all, I'm a geek.  So, of course I've read Faustian tales and seen movie adaptations, even most of the opera.  Unfortunately, that meant I was trying to compare this stand-alone from its namesake.

Once I got over that, it sped by way too fast.  A tale with 5 potential  orphans getting most of what they think they want, this book is a must read.  Their governess Madame Vileroy is both sweetness and light as well as creepy and dark.  The big question put out by the authors: What would you sell your soul for?  Maybe you want to be the most beautiful, or the best athlete, the smartest, the poet, or maybe just hidden. 

Take the journey with Victoria, Christian, Belle and her twin Bice, and Valentin into self-discovery and decided your own self-worth. And know that once you get hooked, this book will be over way to fast.  But, dear reader, do not despair.  For Another Pan will be out October 12th.  Still set around the Marlowe School our five plucky stars of Another Faust dominate, this tome will feature the brother-sister team of Wendy and John Darling, an ancient Egyptian artifact, and an R.A. named Peter.  I can't wait!!!

Till next time, keep reading!!!

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