Monday, May 24, 2010

"Beautiful Creatures" by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Suppose you live in a small southern town that takes a crazy amount of pride for their small contribution to the Civil War.  Suppose you've been having strange dreams about a pretty girl that leaves you sweaty and dirty in the morning. (No, not those kind of dreams. I mean literally dirty.  Muddy even)  Suppose that girl suddenly shows up at your school and her voice is in your head.

Now you know what Ethan Wate's life has been like the last few months.  The dreams start shortly after his mom dies, but the adventure is just getting started.  Lena Duchannes is the niece of the town's shut-in.  She's just arrived, but her connection to Ethan seems to be generations in the making.  

Shuffling between shared visions of the past and present day occurrences, Beautiful Creatures in a fantastic, fantastical story.  History of the town and these families unravels before you.  Slowly.  A great read for anyone looking to escape into what is ultimately a love story, this book will also resonate with the Sci-Fi reader in us all.

Pick it up and fall in love (or like) with these characters before the sequel, Beautiful Darkness, comes out in October.  Go, read, and meet the wacky, whimsical townsfolk.  Besides our heroes, there's Ethan's housekeeper/spiritualist, uncle Macon, a special librarian, and of course the kind of people that populate every town everywhere.  There are the cheerleaders who think anyone different is bad, their mothers who coddle them, the jocks, the old folks are there too.  

It's a hard to put down page turner and you would be silly to miss out on it.

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