Saturday, June 12, 2010

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Let me start by saying I waited, and waited, and waited for this book.  I didn't even pick it up when it first came out b/c she was going to be at BEA.  So I waited, got my signed copy, and dug in.  I think I overhyped it to myself.  How sad for me.

Most of our regular Wicked Lovely characters make a cameo, but this book is all about a halfling named Ani. and her troubles fitting in.  She's more faerie than mortal, more leader than follower, more trouble than the High Court is looking for.  She's sentenced to death by the High Queen, but a bodiless spectre convinces Devlin to let her live. Rae, our spectre, turns out to be a dreamwalker.  I won't tell you what Ani becomes, but will tease you that she gets a steed that turns itself into various cars and a new court is introduced.
I had a lot of trouble getting into this one and I'm pretty sure I did it to myself.  The writing's just as good, the characters and plot twists just as fun. So it's me.  If you've been waiting to read it, why?  Pick it up, go in with no expectations and enjoy the ride.

The next one's gone to the editors and there are some Wicked Loveley stories too.  Check out for all the updates.

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