Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Too Much Bow-chica-wow-wow and Not Enough Plot

Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

If you have been reading this series then you understand the direction that it has taken. The books have moved away from an actual story line and into porn. I had hopes with last years Skin Trade that the books had gone back to the original direction, however the latest in the series has proven that wrong.  

I feel that with some major editing this book contains less than a novella worth of story. It is simply two chapters of ideas with sex as the fill-in content. Now I have nothing against some bedroom action in my stories but there has to be something to back that up. 

Now the plot,  the big bad (mother of darkness, first vampire, mommy dearest, whatever) that they thought they killed last time is really not dead and looking for revenge. She has now made her presence known and the fact that she wants them dead or under her control. Anita and her men decide they need to build their power-base to defend themselves against the darkness. This of course means sex. And this is where the book ends.

Even with my disappointment in this book, I am still looking for more. Possibly with the Nightseer world (as it remains my favorite of her books) as long as it doesn't go the same direction.

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