Friday, August 21, 2009

Initiation by Susan Fine

Starting on graduation day for Mauricio Londono (how do I put in a tilde?) from St. Stephen's Initiation tells the tale of his first year at New York's most prestigious private school. Freshman year can be tough for most, but transferring from PS 245 to the halls of grandeur with the young men of NYC's elite family is definitely a challenge. His biggest goal is just to blend in. Instead, he joins the wrestling team, develops a crush on a classmates hot sister, and seems to be the cross hairs of the class's biggest trouble maker.

I will admit I found it a little dry. If I were a guy or a private school kid, it might do more for me. All in all, a good story, well written, fun cast of characters. Even though I didn't go anywhere elite, I could put names and faces of my graduating class to each of these boys.

Flux released this fascinating novel May 1, 2009. A definite read for anyone who just wanted to blend.

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