Friday, August 21, 2009

Recipe for Disaster by Maureen Fergus

Francie Freewater, part-time baker full-time 14-yr old, has a few dreams:

1. Become famous TV chef ala smooth-talking celebrity baker Lorenzo LaRue.
Her clientele love her creations. She's even entered contests with her recipes to meet him.

2. To have her good-looking, not so smart chemistry partner notice her.
This becomes more of a challenge than ever when the new girl shows up. Darlene Donovan is pretty, everybody (including Francie's best friend Holly) seems to love her, and the hottie chem partner has noticed her.

All of Francie's dreams seem to be in danger. Can she get it all in line before it all disappears forever? Full of teen-aged angst and deliscious sounding dishes, this book made me laugh and yes cry.

Will be released in September 2009 from Kids Can Press.

Can't wait? Check out Artemis Fowl, Elsewhere, or for something completely different (but awesome) The Book Thief.

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