Monday, August 3, 2009

One for the Romance Readers

So Into You
by Sandra Hill

The latest in group of fun romances set in Louisiana. The eccentric matriarch of the local family has made it her job with that of Saint Jude to help the singles in her family find true love. Grace and Angel are her latest project. A nun, world champion poker player, treasure hunter and now a folk healer; Grace has never really let her past go. But no one in Louisiana knows what that past is until it catches up with her.

The bad boy Angel has been there and done that, but now he's ready for someone to go on those adventures with him. After being turned down he leaves not only Louisiana but the U. S. as well. However, he continues to be drawn back to the one that got away.

This book is the fun, light-hearted read with a southern twang; that shows us that you can't let your past control your life.

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